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Ancient Astronomy (Gazan Lullaby) _ Acoustic Version

A reverse lullaby from kids to parents … a response to Jon Stewart’s hilarious look at the current warning system in #Gaza in ‘500 Crazies of Summer’ (via thedailyshow):—crazies-of-summer

(spot at 5 minute mark) #GazaUnderAttack

Inspired by Omar Khouri’s Gaza at night paintings:

Video Premiere: Cedar & Soil - The Beatdown (Official Video)

Directed by: the fdz

Caged a few feet from roaring traffic and the chaos of Beirut, a feral vervet monkey inspects its new habitat and fellow inmates. We were inspired by this dichotomy for the music video of “The Beatdown”, adapting an unnatural phenomenon to portray a song about the hopes, anxieties and confines of long distance relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about the animals visit the CITES website ( and Animals Lebanon (

With my friend, NY painter Kyle Nouse, we set out to transform my studio into an art igloo for the ‘Dirge’ album release party. Kyle drew visual interpretations of the songs, which were then hung in the room the album was created in. The 30 minute installation turned into a 5 day process where everything had to be kept intact for the fidelity of the footage. Close to finishing the installation we realized we were off with our calculations and used drawings from Kyle’s last show to complete it. Needless to say we missed the album release date but had some fun in the process. The product of this claustrophelic accident is a 1:30 DIY stop motion video and few photos, which are a true representation of the music, the space it was recorded in and the artist behind the visuals.

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